Job Titles & Skills-based Recruitment

31 January, 2022
- 3 min read

For a company that is all about skills, it’s no surprise that TechWolf has adopted a largely skill-based approach to work. When work is done, the person tackling it is flexibly determined based on skills rather than predefined job titles. In the engineering team, this is especially apparent: our job…

How we fixed our OKRs

16 January, 2022
- 5 min read

In the start-up world, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a pretty popular way to align the team to strive for the same goals. In the context of an early-stage company that's still very much in free flow, however, getting these objectives and results right is less straightforward than the…

A Data-Driven Self

14 January, 2021
- 4 min read

In tech, not a day goes by without someone inventing a new way to make something data-driven. Data increasingly supports every decision and action, augmenting or even replacing intuition at the centre of a wide range of processes. I couldn't be happier about it: at TechWolf we like to analyse how we…

Sustainable Talent Management: Why Skills Health is Key

05 January, 2021
- 1 min read

In today’s world, digital transformation is all around us: the changes that first disrupted verticals like banking and insurance are now propagating everywhere. When a company makes headlines with a simultaneous multi-thousand layoff and hiring effort at the same time, you might wonder: couldn’t…

Second Order Intelligence

13 November, 2020
- 6 min read

Every once in a while, a new development within artificial intelligence sends the world into a flurry of excitement -- did we crack the code of actual artificial general intelligence this time? While the media might forget about this every so often, the answer from experts is pretty clear: we most…

Seeing Beyond Job Titles

05 November, 2020
- 6 min read

What's the best data source to determine a person's skill set? This specific question comes our way rather often -- it's a very sensible one, too: where should you look to find an accessible summary for a person's abilities? In almost every situation, the first answer that comes to mind involves job…

Stacking Heuristics

26 October, 2020
- 4 min read

There's nothing like a good heuristic - in his bestseller Thinking, Fast and Slow, Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman points out their almost unreasonable effectiveness. In many cases, naively adding up the output of several scoring systems results in an ensemble model that is very hard to beat…

Why AI Needs User Stories Too

24 July, 2020
- 3 min read

In agile software development, keeping a strong focus on your end-user and their needs is sacred. More than anything else, you want to understand functional requirements, the motivations behind them and the implications they carry - preferably before writing a single line of code. While most…

Animal Farm

17 July, 2020
- 4 min read

For some reason, many concepts in modern DevOps are explained using animals: Kubernetes is a zoo, services are either pets or cattle and if you really want, you can dig deep into animal characteristics to determine what spirit animal each of your deployments has. All of these animal stories tend to…