Sustainable Talent Management: Why Skills Health is Key

05 January, 2021 - 1 min read

I always like to publish articles I write in the most suitable place -- in this case, that would be the TechWolf blog. You can find the full piece here!

In today’s world, digital transformation is all around us: the changes that first disrupted verticals like banking and insurance are now propagating everywhere. When a company makes headlines with a simultaneous multi-thousand layoff and hiring effort at the same time, you might wonder: couldn’t some of the people fired have filled a part of the newly opened positions?

The answer to this question, quite often, is that the company simply needed different skills than they already had in-house: the people leaving the company just wouldn’t be able to work in the open positions because they don’t have the right capabilities. Between obtaining skills through buying (hiring), borrowing (consultants) and building (learning & development) capabilities, the latter option is by far the most time-consuming. As an enterprise-facing imminent transformation, time is probably the hardest thing to come by -- so how do you anticipate the impact of transformation on your workforce? Let’s dive right into it.

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